a. “Lessor” RENT A CAR START is part of the company CETINA PROMET d.o.o. based in SRIJANE 192, SRIJANE, OIB: 30086599525 (hereinafter START).
b. “Lessee” means a person, company or organization which or on whose behalf the vehicle is rented under these rental conditions.
c. “Driver” means the natural person responsible for complying with all the terms of the rental agreement, who has taken over the vehicle from START, approved and written on the front of the rental agreement with “user”.
d. “Additional driver” means the natural person responsible for complying with all the terms of the rental agreement, approved and written on the front of the rental agreement next to “2nd driver”. The “Lessor” must ensure that each authorized driver meets the general rental conditions.
e. “Third person” means any natural or legal person other than START and the driver of the rental vehicle (eg passengers in the vehicle, persons outside the vehicle, other road users, pedestrians, etc.)
f. “Tenant, driver and additional driver” hereinafter referred to as “user”.

1. The condition for concluding a vehicle rental contract is that the user:
a. has at least 18 years and 1 year of driving experience for vehicle groups A and B.
b. for other groups of vehicles has at least 21 years and 1 year of driving experience
c. for groups of higher class vehicles he has at least 24 years and 4 years of driving experience
d. holds valid documents (driver’s license, identity card or passport) proving that he meets the above-mentioned rental conditions. START reserves the right to make copies of these documents.
e. holds a valid credit or debit card to guarantee for obligations that may arise from the lease and in connection with the lease of the vehicle, in accordance with these terms and the lease agreement.
2. In the event that the driver, on behalf of the lessee of the legal entity takes over the vehicle and signs the lease agreement, must guarantee that he has the authority to do so, and is responsible and guarantees START, together with the legal entity, to comply with all obligations from this contract.

1. START will deliver the rented vehicle to the user in good technical condition with all the necessary documentation, parts, accessories and mandatory equipment.
2. The user is obliged to give all possible remarks on the condition of the vehicle immediately at the place of collection before taking the vehicle away.
3. The user undertakes to return the vehicle with all documents, tires, tools and equipment specified in the lease agreement and check out – check in form, in the same condition in which it was taken, in the place, on the day and time specified in the lease agreement and the amount of fuel he rented it with
4. Pick-up and return of vehicles outside the working hours of the START branch is possible at the request of the user, where START has the right to charge a fee according to the valid price list. If the vehicle is returned outside working hours, the user is fully responsible for the vehicle until START takes over.
5. If the user returns the vehicle before the agreed end of the lease START reserves the right to charge the rent until the agreed end of the lease, and if the vehicle is used after the end of the lease, START reserves the right to charge the rent until the vehicle is returned to START. vehicles.
6. Delays of up to 2 hours will not be charged. Delays over 2 hours will be charged in the amount of the additional rental day.
7. In the event that the vehicle is returned to a location other than the one taken over, the final settlement made by the location where the vehicle was returned shall be subject to the approval of the location that issued the vehicle and reserves the right to send the corrected invoice.
8. Delivery and collection of vehicles outside the START branch is charged according to the valid START price list.


The rented vehicle may NOT be driven or used under the following circumstances:
a. by a person not listed as a beneficiary in the lease
b. for paid transport of passengers or goods
c. under a contract concluded on the basis of false statements or personal data
d. for racing, endurance testing, speed testing or driving instruction.
e. to drive or tow another vehicle or object
f. the rented vehicle must not be loaded with persons or objects beyond the permitted maximum weight and may only move on roads I. and II. order
g. by persons under the influence of alcohol, barbiturates, narcotics, hallucinatory or other drugs
h. non-compliance with speed limits or other traffic rules determined by the law of the country in which the vehicle is driven and at speeds higher than allowed – 90 km / h for roads of the first order, 50 km / h on roads of the second. I III. order, 130 km / h on highways
i. violation of the provisions of law, order or regulation relating to the use, loading or condition of the car or for any unlawful purposes.
j. no modifications may be made to the vehicle
k. crossing the border of the Republic of Croatia without START approval
START rent a car cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by the user by non-compliance with the above prohibitions.

During the lease, the user undertakes to:
a. will return the vehicle to the agreed place and time after the termination of the lease
b. will take care of the vehicle and will use it properly
c. take care of the regular technical correctness of the vehicle, ie regularly check and maintain at the prescribed level all fluids in the vehicle, especially coolant, oil, AdBlue additive, tire pressure and use only the type of fuel specified for the rented vehicle
d. when he leaves the vehicle he will always lock it and close the windows and take the keys and his documentation and always have them under personal control
e. will use only the type of fuel in accordance with the vehicle specifications
f. will not change the data on the odometer and speedometer
g. will acquaint all authorized drivers for the use of the vehicle during the rental with the provisions of these conditions and the contract on the rental of the vehicle.
h. that he will not smoke in the vehicle
i. will bear all costs related to the operation of the vehicle: fuel, tolls, tolls, parking, misdemeanor and other similar fees,
j. will, if the vehicle needs or urgently needs some service, change of tires, etc., make the vehicle available to the Lessor for the purpose in the territory of the Republic of Croatia
k. will, for the purpose of performing technical / preventive inspection and renewal of registration, ensure that the vehicle is located in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and make it available to the Lessor
l. that only he will use the vehicle, for his own needs and in accordance with the purpose of the vehicle and that the vehicle will not be given for use to unauthorized users and third parties
m. will use the vehicle correctly and apply all reasonable care, ie the attention of a conscientious businessman when using, driving and parking the vehicle
n. will not transport or allow the transport of more passengers or goods in the vehicle than the maximum allowed according to the traffic permit of the rented vehicle
o. will not use the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, sedatives, sleeping pills, barbiturates, narcotics, hallucinogens and other drugs
The user is obliged to pay all damages caused by insufficient maintenance of the vehicle.
In the event that the vehicle during the rental reaches the mileage at which routine service is provided, the user undertakes to notify Rent a Car START and make the vehicle available for service. START makes a replacement vehicle available to the user.

In case the user needs a car for a period longer than the agreed rental, he must inform and obtain the consent of START Rent a Car at least 24 hours before the end of the agreed rental. In the event that the user does not obtain such consent, the user will be deemed to have misappropriated the vehicle. In this case, START Rent a Car reserves the right to take all legal action to confiscate the vehicle from the user. In case the user returns the vehicle after the agreed date, and during the rental the prices have changed, new prices will be charged from the day scheduled for the return of the vehicle.
When checking the vehicle, the amount of fuel in the tank is recorded in the contract. If the vehicle is rented to the user, he is considered responsible for the cost of fuel from the time the vehicle leaves the office to the time the vehicle returns to the START office. START reserves the right to charge for the refueling service according to the decision of the management if less fuel is returned than at the beginning of the lease
The number of kilometers while the vehicle is rented according to the agreed lease agreement will be determined by reading the factory-installed odometer and the user is obliged to inform the landlord if the vehicle exceeds the agreed.

1. If the vehicle was involved in an accident, damaged, broken or requires repair, regardless of the cause, the user must immediately notify START of the event and fill out an event / damage report and insure the vehicle against deterioration and even greater damage.
2. The user is liable for damage to the rented vehicle in case of fire if it occurred due to fault or negligence of the user or if the user in any way violated the provisions of this contract and in that case will bear the full amount of damage.
3. The user must not organize or undertake any repairs without START approval, except to the extent necessary to prevent further damage to the vehicle. If the vehicle needs to be repaired or replaced, START may provide another vehicle to the user at its discretion.
4. In the event of an accident or if the vehicle is stolen, the user is obliged to call the police and request a report of the incident. It is necessary to fill in a special accident report form and submit it to the branch office that issued the vehicle. In the event of an accident, the user undertakes to cooperate with Rent a Car START in the investigation and proceedings surrounding the accident and to take care to protect the interests of the landlord and insurer. If he does not act according to the conditions stated here, all costs of the accident are borne by the user.
5. In case the user loses documents, keys, registration plates, etc., the user will bear the costs of making new ones according to the valid price list.
6. START will reimburse the user for all necessary costs of oil, lubricants, regular maintenance and minor repairs incurred during the lease, provided that the costs were incurred with prior notice and START approval, except for the cost of washing the rented vehicle, upon presentation of a paid invoice. The bill must read START.
7. If it is determined that the user has unjustifiably or unnecessarily replaced an assembly, part or device on the vehicle, START will not pay the user the value of that part, assembly or device.
8. For reimbursement of costs, the user must obtain the consent of the authorized person of START; otherwise such costs will not be reimbursed.
9. START will not be liable for any damage that may occur to the user or passengers in the vehicle.

All START vehicles are insured against liability for damage caused by the use of the vehicle to a third party. This insurance may be void in the event that the user violates any of the terms of this agreement, in which case the user accepts the possibility to reimburse any claims under START by third parties or their insurer.
Compulsory insurance included in the rental price:
CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) – the lessee reduces his liability for damages to the maximum amount of the deductible depending on the group of vehicles, and if the amount of damage is less than the deductible, he is charged a smaller amount.
TP (Theft Protection) – theft insurance – the user limits his liability for this type of damage to the amount of participation in the damage.
Additional options for the client:
The lessee may reduce the risk and the amount of the liability for damages by accepting the following allowance:
SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) – franchise redemption – by paying a daily allowance, the lessee can redeem the share in the damage and is then fully covered in case of damage to the vehicle or the amount for which the user is responsible is 0.00 kn.
WUG – (Wheel, Underside & Glass Insurance) – covers damage to tires, rims or rim covers, destruction / damage to vehicle chassis and windows. It does not cover the risk of damage to the interior of the vehicle.
PAI (Personal Insurance) – by paying the daily allowance for passenger insurance, the driver and passengers are insured in case of death and / or disability up to the amount prescribed by the insurance company where the START vehicle is insured.
The insurance in no case covers:
risks of damage to the interior of the vehicle (unless it is the result of an accident)
damage – burned vehicle clutch
damage to the engine caused by lack of oil, pouring the wrong type of fuel or careless use
damage caused by the loss of documents, vehicle keys or license plates
damage caused by the driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar narcotics
damage caused by an unauthorized driver
damage done abroad and the crossing of the border was not approved by the landlord
any damage to the vehicle that is not reported to the competent police station / lessor’s agent
In the event of any of the above adverse events (circumstances), the lessee is liable for the full amount of the damage.
The lessor shall not be held liable for damage to or loss of the lessee’s property in or on the leased vehicle.

Without a police record, the full amount of damage or theft will be charged to the client, regardless of the type of insurance purchased. A record must be made even in cases where the client was not present when the vehicle was damaged (eg the vehicle was damaged in the parking lot by an unknown person).

Crossing Border Insurance – You need a GREEN CARD if you intend to travel outside the Republic of Croatia with a rented vehicle. Be sure to inform the Rent a Car agency of your intention to travel abroad to provide you with a green card.
Entry into Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, etc. is possible on request and with the prior consent of Rent a Car START. For additional information, contact us at the following telephone numbers:
+385 91 111 0665 Split ,,
and to the e-mail address: info@rentacarstart.com

The user is considered responsible for all traffic violations committed during the rental. In the event that the user does not pay these penalties, START will charge them to the user, together with administrative costs. START reserves the right to charge the above costs without prior notice to the renter.
The lessee is liable for traffic violations and parking fines even after the lease is completed. The calculation for traffic offenses and parking fines is valid even after the final calculation if they are found out later.

1. When the user wishes to reserve a vehicle, he may do so through the following channels:
e-mail: info@rentacarstart.com
b. mobile: +385 91 111, 0665 Split
c. Website: www.rentacarstart.com
d. through intermediaries (travel agencies and other business associates)
2. A reservation received by START through the established communication channel may be accepted or rejected in accordance with its rental conditions.
3. The contract is considered concluded for a definite period of time which will be stated in the confirmed reservation.

1. In case the lessee wants to change or cancel the reservation made at his request (change of rental start, end of rental, rental location, vehicle class, etc.) he can do so up to 48 hours before the start of the rental through the above contacts. Cancellation after 48 hours before the start of the rental will be charged in the amount of the first day of the rental and START in that case reserves the right to charge any costs incurred at the request of the user (delivery of the vehicle to another city, etc.)
2. In order to exercise the right to cancel or change the reservation, the user must send a statement of cancellation or change of reservation to START to the above e-mail or contact numbers.
3. In case the user changes the reservation before the start of the rental (change of the start of the rental, end of the rental, place of rental, vehicle class, etc.) it must be confirmed by START which reserves the right to change the rental price according to the valid price list.
4. If the user does not rent the vehicle at the agreed time and date, without first notifying START through the above channels, the reservation is considered canceled after 2 hours from the agreed start of the rental. In this case, START reserves the right to charge the basic rental price, in accordance with the agreed duration of the lease.
5. A reservation with a paid deposit confirms and secures the reservation and is non-refundable in case of cancellation.

1.START accepts valid debit, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) and cash as payment guarantee. Payment can also be cash, bank transfer and credit, debit card (Visa electron or Maestro).
2. When taking over the vehicle, pre-authorization of funds by credit, debit card or cash withdrawal is done for the amount determined by START, depending on the category of the rented vehicle.
3. When returning the vehicle in the condition in which it was taken, the reserved deposit is canceled (without damage to the vehicle, traffic violations, etc …)
4. By signing the lease agreement, the user authorizes START to collect all amounts paid under these conditions by debiting the user’s account. User account means the credit card account on which the pre-authorization of funds or some other payment guarantee was performed.
5. By signing the rental agreement, the user agrees that, at the expense of his credit card or other payment method, START charges all costs of repairs, defects or losses discovered after the vehicle is returned, and the user did not inform the renter in accordance with the procedure on vehicle return.
6. Within 8 days after issuing the invoice, the user will pay or in case of cash rent immediately at the place of handover of the vehicle, as agreed in the lease agreement, plus additional and other costs agreed as well as those caused (parking fines and similar to). If the invoice is not settled on time, we charge legal interest in accordance with legal regulations.

1. Vehicles are rented at the daily price in accordance with the agreed tariff, where one day means any period of 24 hours from the beginning of the rental agreement. After this time, an additional day will be charged.
2. The basic rental price includes: car rental, deductible (CDW) insurance and theft insurance (TP).
3. The user is obliged to pay START the basic rental price and additional services he used (eg child seats, GPS, additional driver, etc.) as well as all additional fees, services and costs specified in the car rental agreement.
4. The price of rent, services, fees and costs are subject to change according to the decisions of START. the user can be informed about rental prices through the above channels, and such information is of an informative nature and is not subject to the creation of rights and obligations.
5. Additional services, fees and costs that are not included in the rental price and are paid separately are:
a. additional driver
b. GPS
c. children’s car seats
d. delivery and collection of vehicles outside the branch office
e. one-way lease
f. additional kilometers
g. additional refueling
h. vehicle return delay
i. delivery and collection of vehicles outside working hours
j. traffic / parking offenses
k. vehicle damage or repair
l. damage to or loss of vehicle parts, keys, equipment and documentation
m. compensation for more kilometers traveled than agreed or approved

The user may submit his complaints and objections regarding the rental of vehicles and the execution of obligations and rights from the contract to START by mail:
CETINA PROMET d.o.o., Srijane 192, Srijane
or e-mail: info@rentacarstart.com

1. START has the right to terminate the rental agreement and immediately take possession of the vehicle if the user does not act or does not act in accordance with any provision of these terms or the rental agreement, or if the vehicle is damaged. Termination of the lease under this provision is without prejudice to other START rights under these terms and the lease agreement.
2. The user is not entitled to terminate the contract in any case if the lease has begun and if the lease agreement is fully fulfilled, or after the rental service has been performed and the vehicle is returned.

These conditions are in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia and all unresolved disputes that may arise from or in connection with this contract are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in Split according to the registered office of START.

If these General Terms and Conditions are drafted in addition to the Croatian language and as a translation into any other foreign language, the Croatian language is competent to resolve all inconsistencies in their interpretation.
The provisions of these terms and conditions are subject to change by START, and the amended terms and conditions will be published on the START website or on the bulletin board in the branch office, together with the date of entry into force, unless otherwise stated. START must provide the user with a copy of the rental agreement when renting the vehicle, which must be kept in the vehicle during the rental period and presented to the police or other authorized persons upon request. By renting a vehicle and concluding a car rental agreement with START, the user confirms that he is familiar with the stated conditions and agrees to their application.