All START vehicles are insured against liability for damage caused by the use of the vehicle to a third party. This insurance may be void in the event that the user violates any of the terms of this agreement, in which case the user accepts the possibility to reimburse any claims under START by third parties or their insurer.
Compulsory insurance included in the rental price:

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) – the lessee reduces his liability for damages to the maximum amount of the deductible depending on the group of vehicles, and if the amount of damage is less than the deductible, he is charged a smaller amount.
TP (Theft Protection) – theft insurance – the user limits his liability for this type of damage to the amount of participation in the damage.

Additional options for the client:
The lessee may reduce the risk and the amount of the liability for damages by accepting the following allowance:
SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) – franchise redemption – by paying a daily allowance, the lessee can redeem the share in the damage and is then fully covered in case of damage to the vehicle or the amount for which the user is responsible is 0.00 kn.
WUG – (Wheel, Underside & Glass Insurance) – covers damage to tires, rims or rim covers, destruction / damage to vehicle chassis and windows. It does not cover the risk of damage to the interior of the vehicle.
PAI (Personal Insurance) – by paying the daily allowance for passenger insurance, the driver and passengers are insured in case of death and / or disability up to the amount prescribed by the insurance company where the START vehicle is insured.

The insurance in no case covers:
risks of damage to the interior of the vehicle (unless it is the result of an accident)
damage – burned vehicle clutch
damage to the engine caused by lack of oil, pouring the wrong type of fuel or careless use
damage caused by the loss of documents, vehicle keys or license plates
damage caused by the driver under the influence of alcohol, drugs or similar narcotics
damage caused by an unauthorized driver
damage done abroad and the crossing of the border was not approved by the landlord
any damage to the vehicle that is not reported to the competent police station / lessor’s agent
In the event of any of the above adverse events (circumstances), the lessee is liable for the full amount of the damage.
The lessor shall not be held liable for damage to or loss of the lessee’s property in or on the leased vehicle.

Without a police record, the full amount of damage or theft will be charged to the client, regardless of the type of insurance purchased. A record must be made even in cases where the client was not present when the vehicle was damaged (eg the vehicle was damaged in the parking lot by an unknown person).